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Copyright policy

Abstracts and presentations (poster or talk) should not include libellous or defamatory content. Material presented should not violate any copyright laws. 


The conference organizers regard plagiarism as serious professional misconduct. All abstracts are screened for plagiarism and when identified, the abstract and any other abstracts submitted by the same author are rejected. In addition, the submitting author’s profile will be cancelled and no refunds will be made.

Word limits

The abstract text body is limited to 250 words. Titles are limited to 25 words. No tables/graphs will be accepted.

Common reasons for abstract rejection

  • Abstract poorly written
  • Not enough new information
  • Clear objective and/or hypothesis missing
  • Methods (either quantitative or qualitative) inadequate and/or insufficient to support conclusions
  • Summary of essential results inadequate and/or missing
  • Study conclusions are not supported by the data
  • Linkage between different parts of the abstract not comprehensible
  • Duplicate or overlap with another abstract
  • Study too preliminary or insufficient to draw conclusions
  • Study lack of originality

Abstract acceptance notification

Submitters should receive notification emails from the ICoRP 2017 Organizing Committee regarding the acceptance or rejection of their abstracts (as oral or poster presentations).

Sometimes ICoRP 2017 emails end up in your junk box or get rejected. Please ensure that emails from the ICoRP 2017 Organizing Committee are not marked as spam by your e-mail provider.

The ICoRP 2017 Organizing Committee will do its best to accommodate authors' preferences for oral or poster presentations. However, because the sessions have a limited number of timeslots, some papers submitted with a request for an oral presentation might be offered to be presented as posters. If a paper is on the list of potential substitutes, such paper will be moved back to the Oral Session, if another participant cancels his/her talk.